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Upholstery service: co-design your chair

Welcome to Atelier caroline renate.

What we offer is an experience of co-design in order to create an original and unique piece of furniture of your own.

​​Our services are slighlty different from traditionnal upholsterers. We rarely work with plain fabric and don't upholster the whole furniture with the same fabric.

We have our own universe and we invite you to take a look at our galery to see if you like it.

With our large collection of fabrics you'll be sure to find something to your taste.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

How does it work :


1 - Send us pictures of your furniture
Depending on the work needed, we'll give you a price estimate.

2 - Or choose in our own selection
We have a large variety of vintage furnitures you can choose from.You can contact us for more details.

3 - Choose the fabrics
Together we will find the best fabric for your furniture.

4 - Let us work our magic
We will give you a time estimate until your furniture is finished.

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